#Time To Meet My Group” created to help Author’s get the word out about their book’s. Plus a place you can enjoy yourself and have plenty of FUN#


Meet The Group.

Pop in and say hi!!

Even if you simply want to get an idea of what we do, and what we have to offer, you’re definitely welcome to get straight into the business side of things or relax and get to know the team.

We want you to be part of the team and know we will give a 100% of both our expertise and experience to create a promotion that gives the world a perfect opportunity to love and understand the world you have created.

As an Indie Author, you will find yourself around like minded artists, who knows why you chose to create and develop everything about your book from start to finish yourself.

Our aim and main objective is to give each promotion individuality and originality allowing the tantalising content to be felt and wanted by the reader’s, as they become invested in the characters and events flowing from the page.

“Dream Promotion’s for inde Author’s” wants nothing more than to introduce you to reader’s who need you as their next superb Author. Providing you with all the marketing, sales and administrative services that are required to present a promotion that continues giving people the world over every opportunity to know you have arrived.

It is stated ” You cannot judge a book by it’s cover” well ironically with technology being at the centre of indie Author’s and the world at large (to be able to write and produce their own book’s) ‘the cover of a book’ and how people view and relate to it, is a major part of SALES, getting someone to stop, consider become curious and then looking to buy is the centre of everything a GREAT PROMOTION aims for.

So visual stimulation, musical interaction and”Blurbs” with a cover that stimulates images and idea’s you want appearing in their imagination, is the media we use, including your own idea’s.

The type of INTRODUCTION you want to create, focuses on natural curiosity which determines either a pre-order or immediate response

What you have dreamt of is going to be everything you could have possibly hoped for, and we will be beside you ensuring it all comes together every step of the way.

Pop in have a chat or share some information about an author and their book.











This is a new release, giving you an example of what we do and how great these authors and book’s are.

Jump in and join the fun, talk up a storm about any book or book related event.

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