These are a few of Michelle Pillows latest book’s.

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Michelle Mallow is an Author who’s book’s I have been reading since I

first picked up E-book’s.

The digital age with the huge growth of technology is becoming a part of

our everyday lives, so it was only natural as technology worked itself

into even some of the smallest areas, like cameras in the home, or security

systems that are so highly developed a small blemish on a person’s face can

be easily seen

We were suddenly able to purchase book’s extremely cheaply

that can be read on numerous devices, in a totally safe manner.

So now over the past few years the writing industry also progressed into a

position where an Author can write their book while also editing and designing

the cover, while getting their book printed up into both paperback and

digital format. Giving the reader’s every opportunity to select, purchase

and upload into the cloud everything that has been created through

the E-book format, so suddenly we have access to thousands of book’s

that belong to us without taking up an inch of space on our tabletops or

book cases.

Fun, fun, fun time’s ahead.





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