Information for why we choose to contribute to helping the independent author, and why its so important.

Promotion’s are in that top 10% of very important action’s 

 that ALL Author’s need to complete to let us, you, me everyone know that their work of art has been created and is ready for us to read love and appreciate .

Like many item’s that are made or created, depending on who is aware the novel is ready, or whether they feel in the lifestyle they are leading, this wonderful world that has been developed can often be looked at as an item that doesn’t warrant either the time, money or consideration.

As I am sure you are aware in many ways spending money on a book which often may only be read once,  can be looked at as squandering funds that can be used for far more important things such as food, medicine or basic clothing.

What often amazes me is YES!! those basic products are needed, but a person’s mental, emotional and psychological state is often in many ways far more important than some of the so called practical items needed to survive or be comfortable with. 

Often we don’t want to eat or stay warm or even bother to dress reasonably, when our minds, thoughts feelings and emotions have seemed to loose their way, or suddenly you see no reason to bother with the so called beauty of life because for many reasons what is needed for you to see outside the box you have placed yourself in, is certainly not the gorgeous sun set, or that sensitive smile the guy walking past gave you, its how you are experiencing everything inside of yourself. Nothing can brighten up the darkness that’s taking hold.

So yes food etc is Important, but to enjoy anything inside of yourself sometimes the input of idea’s, colours, dreams, beliefs or simply the  fact that your imagination can take you where you desperately want to visit or draws you into a world thats absolutely unreal, gives you such a positive input that when your eyes begin to shine or the trip you travelled to within the storyline, has given you a desire and thirst so strong that not having access to those written word’s can be in many ways the most nutritious food you could receive. Even what had seemed so boaring previously can now be handled witha smile on your face.

To do daily what is required to live, has never been enough for us, our curiosity and deep imagination creates those colours we see, and it’s what is inside our minds eye that builds up inside must be drawn, created written or sang so that creative energy can be shared.

So now we are able to finally work and develop that world that has become a real entity inside our minds, by writing and developing the book as we now know is only one of the hundreds of steps we must take to mould what we created into something we love, then our desire is for others to know how we feel so becoming editors, sales people,  photographers, accountants, along with numerous other talents we suddenly need to be, is nothing in comparison to getting this wonderful book out into the community. 

So now after the frustration of self doubt and lack of money so you work another job, you find there are those eho are out jn the community who want to help guide and assist you in any way they can, so they can experience personally the love, Details and attention you have given into each sentence in the book.

So yes its frustrating but now there are those of us who need to read like needing to breathe so anything we can contribute to making your trip somewhat easier, is what we enjoy knowing the help we are giving.  


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