Have Fun With Book’s


As a promoter and lover of book’s, I am alway’s looking for better way’s to bring everything about the industry to the reader. Clicking onto an app is only step 1 in the process of finding excellent books and superb Author’s.
There is something available for everyone to be a part of, Competitions, Giveaways, Promotions and Blog Tours are continually presented for you to enjoy and Win from.
So on my page you are going to find the best ways to meet New and Best-selling Authors their books and tantilizing tours with “Live Book Shows”and the chance to meet the Authors who take you to their different worlds and genrè’s
You are going to have fun while you are here with everything I can possibly do to give you posts, blogs, interviews, videos and even the occasional radio show that can be enjoyed through social media.
This is going to be somewhere you can find what you want to read or give you directions to where you can purchase any book you may be looking for.

These two amazing novel’s give you some idea of what I am going to be promoting and the book’s I will be reviewing

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