# Christmas Competition. Available for Everyone to Join In.#


Something a little different this year, after how tough things have been it’s time to have FUN, ENJOYMENT and to remember exactly what Christmas is about.

Link’s for my group, business pages and website are below;

We are almost ready to go “LIVE “ with the promotion’s, newsletter’s will be going out beginning of January.

A huge thankyou to those of you who have been waiting for us to finally be ready to operate, so YES!! Early January is the starting date.

Anyone who would like to go on the newsletter list for the start of the year can either PM me @michelle.chantler.18 on Facebook or email me at michelle@dream-promotions.com Or a msg at any of the pages below.


Missy Michelle Book’s Reviews Competitions and Blogs;


My groups go by the same names, below are the links.

Missy, Michelle, Book’s Reviews Competitions and Blogs.” Group


The link for “Promotion for Indie Author’s” Group.


My website and blog for the moment until the business finally unleashes.


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Dream Promotions For Indie Authors


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