Jeff Lee’s Book 4 in his ‘La La Land series’

Available today from Amazon. com.

If you enjoy reading something that is a little different, then you are definitely going to enjoy this series. Jeff Lee is known for his natural ability to write outside the box, his descriptive style of creating complex character’s along with a huge imagination, gives us an Author who knows exactly how to bring the reader’s into the world of his book’s.

Hurricane Kretschman is absolutely Hillarious, as you meet the tenacious and outstanding character’s Jeff has created for this series. Fish ‘Fishbern’ is the Repo man and Bounty Hunter for the stars of L.A. Along with his two close friends and his blonde bombshell of a girlfriend, Fish will keep you entertained with the dramatic twist’s and turn’s he continually get’s himself into. This is a series I cannot recommend highly enough, haugely funny with mystery, drama and real life entertainment, grab a copy today.

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