JEFF LEE (Author)

I have known Jeff Lee as an Author since I first read his No 3 novel “Hurricane Kretschman”. What caught my eye was the cover of the book, hey !! a sexy girl lying back on a beautiful full throttled bike, was enough to grab my attention.

Usually Jeff’s genrè would not be one I would be interested in, but after reading a review I saw posted along with the promotion of the book, I was drawn to the style of his writing as well as the Humor and in your face comments this Author had absolutely no problems stating. Yep!!! I was caught. ….now I had to read the book, I had to find out what all the hulla bub was about, and why so many reviewer’s were posting such amazing comments. Its not unusual for a book to get a couple of lower ranking stars, as the review’s come in, but all I could see was a non stop continuation of 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ after each additional review.

Now I was determined to find out for myself, and I can honestly say that I was amazed at how superbly written this book was. The storyline alone was humour filled imagery that you could easily view in your minds eye. Being drawn into the world of a Bounty Hunting Repo Man, who was also a lawyer was curious in itself, but once meeting “Fish” as he is known to his friends and his crew of mis-fits who made up his extremely disfunctional team I couldn’t understand how a character such as he, was so well respected and in constant demand, as his style and quality of obtaining those on the ‘Run’ could ever be classified as normal. Fish could easily be mistaken for one of his job’s, as he was never one to follow any trends, especially in the fashion world, his usual dress code consisted of a favourite T shirt comfy jeans leather jacket and stong durable bike boot’s capable of kicking in the door’s of those evading his pursuit. Now I have a view of this Harley riding smart mouthed Repo man who deals with the Stars of La, I am curious about the other hilariously funny buddies that make up this crazy but efficient team, Kenny and Einstein are a perfect balance to our tenacious, intriguing and complex character “Fish”. This team seems to alway’s be pulled into the most outlandish, dramatic and dangerous situation’s, their runaway “Bond Escapees” could possibly give to them.

In this book Mr Lee decide’s the team are due for a holiday, so immediately the fun expectation and craziness your coming to expect from these three become’s contagious. The storyline can only be described as Outstanding, I found this book really hard to put down, especially as I turned each page to find out chaos has suddenly developed around our boy’s, their colourful personalities drawing us into the mayhem that follow’s when the boy’s decide to go to South Dakota to the annual Motor Cycle Rally with the thousands of biker’s who treck to this event every year. Definitely a hard partying event but the town council loves the money these tough guy’s spend on their weekend fun loving rally, and the vision we are given from this talented Author’s narrative abilities is nothing less than superb. No way can these guy’s not be pulled into some type of collective drama, through no fault of their own, but they cannot sit back and watch as events of murder, kidnapping phony cops and bar fights start to occur as certain action’s taken by respectable citizens slowly show an unusual pattern developing.

Finally the lady of the hour makes her appearance, as we are finally introduced to the most foul mouthed blonde bad ass female could possibly ever meet. Shawna present’s us with an image of someone who would fit in with the biker’s beautifully, but she is actually nothing like she appears, yes she’s a knife wielding hog riding fighting machine, who honed her skills in the army while becoming no 1 in the art of war, protection and personal defense, while fighting alongside the best of them in Afghanistan and Iraq. The woman inside the image certainly doesn’t take to people quickly, but once she does she’s not one to turn away from any type of confrontation. Fish and Shawna had in the past hooked up simply for the fun of it, once realising there was far more depth there than they could have believed they also saw in each other a kindred spirit. When you least expect it fate will drop a bomb on you and neither of these characters had ever considered exchanging their lives or lifestyle for anyone or anything, but they understood that they had something especially awesome between them and Shawna decided to follow up on the crazy assed guy who had gotten beneath her perfectly honed exterior.

An Author of Jeff Lee’s calibre would never attempt to write anything that fell into the category of “Normal” so here we are in a town full of Bikies, when we are suddenly met with people who have chosen to invest within the community, as is Jeff’s way in keeping you intrigued throughout his storyline’s, Fish begins to unravel some of the strange events that began to occur once he and his club friends descended on the Raly. No way can he allow anyone who is a friend or buddy be pushed around, especially when they believe that they are a power unto themselves, and as often occurs when Fish is around you find some of the most horrendous situation’s occur and as is his character this hilariously funny repo guy jumps in head first knowing the danger he has put himself and his team in. Once he’s aware that the biker’s he thought had disappeared because they were drunk, had actually been kidnapped and murdered Fish realised these city developer’s believed they were a power that could not be stopped, never contemplating for a minute the lengths this complex character would go to, to unravel the plot the Corporation that is known as “Dale Kimbrough” has carefully developed to have ownership of the land that is owned by the Bikers Club.

As Jeff is often fond of doing, we find that he has weaved a web of tantilizing and extremely funny circumstances that involve a complex plot entwining the reader and storyline, bringing in the feel of real life events and possibilities throughout each scene and event as they occur, this gives this uniquely styled Author the choice of taking this dramatic world in any direction he can choose.

This book has so much that can be said about it that I can easily continue writing in intricate details about both the Author and the creative content of what he has developed on numerous levels with superbly funny and challenging character’s. This book is almost in a genrè all its own, as you don’t find murder and humor aligning in the same direction. This truly is a colorful and tremendously wild book thats going to take you on the ride of your life. Follow up with the rest of the “La La Land series” and experience the world’s created by this tremendously talented Author.

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