Meet the man who creates the amazing character’s in the ‘La La Land’ series. Mr Jeff Lee….

How did I get to meet Jeff, he always seems to be in his writing cave, creating another novel that’s going to challenge most people’s understanding of how to look at life through the eyes of some of the funniest and toughest character’s you could ever hope to meet.

One of the first things I ever asked Jeff was….where does he get his idea’s for 1…the names of people in & around the storyline…and 2..where do the central character’s come from. Are they based on people from his past, or is his imagination just so out there, that they grew as the world Jeff was writing about, developed and created each individual to define the basis and plot in this crazy humerous murder mystery that could only be solved by the bounty hunter & repo man who looked after the stars & their problems.

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An introduction to the world of La-La Land. Meet the man behind the scenes, who is in each character written in these superb book’s.
This is one way to understand the type of comedy and narration that can be found on each page, along with how the series has developed and grown with each delightful character.

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The Diplomat, The Honey Trap, when Government Business is an opportunity for…

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